Our Technology

Eye To Eye Clinic Wilsonville provides advanced instrumentation for diagnosing, treating, and preventing eye disease.  Many of these tests do not require dilation of the eyes, and results are available for review immediately.

Ultra-Wide Field Imaging


Our new Optos Daytona instrument provides rapid imaging of up to 200 degrees of the retina without using any dilation eye drops. It is possible to identify retinal disease within a fraction of a second, and can be used for infants, children or adults. The instrument also has a special auto fluorescence feature which identifies changes in the deep retinal tissue not normally seen with regular retinal photography.


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Our Optikam provides real-time ‘virtual reality’ measurement of spectacles worn on your face, measuring the eyeglass frame to your unique facial biometrics. This allows a very precise determination of readings for optimal visual comfort and clarity.



Nerve Fiber Layer Analysis

This allows scanning of the retinal nerve fiber layer on a microscopic level, to determine if nerve damage from conditions such as glaucoma or multiple sclerosis exists.

Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT)

Our OCT instrument provides unprecedented 3-D resolution of the retina on a near-cellular level, helping to rule-out, identify, or follow the progression of retinal diseases such as macular degeneration or retinal detachment.

Retinal Photos

Digital retinal images can be taken for instant viewing on a computer screen.  This is considered a valuable test for examining any changes from diabetes, as well as other retinal conditions.

External Eye Images

Our office can also take both digital images and video of the front of the eye.  This is useful in some contact lens fits, or for infections or inflammations of the eye.


When indicated, Eye To Eye Clinic Wilsonville provides B-Scan ultrasound of the eye, as well as pachymetry (corneal thickness measurement).  These tests are useful in eye disease management.



Initial estimation of spectacle and contact lens prescriptions are determined using this electronic device.

Corneal Topography

The clear window of the eye (cornea) can be affected by refractive surgery, contact lenses or eye conditions (such as keratoconus).  This instrument measures the detailed shape of the cornea.

Visual Field Analysis

visual field

This test provides a functional assessment of your peripheral vision.  Certain eye conditions (such as glaucoma) or brain conditions (such as a stroke or tumor) can affect the visual field.

Our office utilizes several visual field tests to assess peripheral vision:

FDT (Frequency Doubling Technology) – this advanced test quickly determines if field loss is occurring.
B-Y (Blue-Yellow) – Also known as SWAP (Short-Wavelength Automated Perimetry), this test may find more subtle visual field loss than conventional field machines.
Custom – we are able to customize the visual field size and shape to better localize disease.

We also provide visual field tests for commercial, DMV, military or government vision requirements.  Feel free to call us at 503-685-9015, and we will be happy to help you.